Monday, December 3, 2012

41 Week Hike/Run

Yesterday Scott asked me if I wanted to hike instead of do stair repeats at the university.  I agreed.  When we moved out here, I decided I wanted to hike on the day I gave birth.  When he suggested it, I thought, "wow, does this mean she's on her way today?"

No, it didn't.

Some time in the coming hours, she'll be here.  As I write this, we're at home and one way or another, we'll head to the hospital today to help welcome our beloved little girl. In the mean time, here's a look at what we saw yesterday.

Oh, and yes, I did run on the way back!  We started off at Rainbow Gardens and took the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.  It was magnificent!  When we started, I saw a trail runner which gave me hope that the trail would be something I could run more regularly in the future.  We also saw a mountain biker and tons of mtb tracks.

I ran on the way back, and would have run further, but...Scott was not dressed for a trail run and I knew he'd be worried if I took off very far and "fast."  Fast is relative, though I felt I could have picked up more speed and will one day!  Also, the trail was quite the narrow single track, with a drop off, and I wasn't 100% sure of my balance though it felt pretty strong and steady.

Photo 3 we believe is of a sagebrush mealy bug egg sac.  

Also, thank you to all for your prayers and thoughts with the birth of our little lady!  We'll keep you posted and know that all is well!

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  1. Congratulations on the arrival of your sweet lil' girl!