Saturday, December 15, 2012

Moving Beyond...

Today marks 10 days with Sweet Susanna on Earth.  It is also the first morning where I am up and about in my "normal" routine- whatever "normal" may be or might have been.  It is refreshingly comforting to be able to have wrapped baked goods from last night and to be starting on a round of homemade granola bars and more while Scott and Susanna sleep.

Life is purely amazing with these two, and I am so thankful for all of the support received and shared by so many.  There are no "little" bits of kindness and help.  Kindness, help, support just exist without shape or form.  Without these that have been experienced, our lives would be far different as I write this now.

As I do write this, the snow is gently falling. I tried to photograph the mountains in their simple white smoothness, but the fog has encompassed them and I can only see the house across the street.

For whatever these thoughts may be or bring, they're just words on a page.  A page to note how things exist at this moment, and the moments that were when they were written.

Peace.  Love.  Hope.

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