Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Hope with Susanna Hope

Scott and I hope to use the above flannel for cloth wipes for our Susanna Hope when she arrives.  The game plan is to use cloth diapers once she's big enough, as the reviews on the newborn ones vary. We figure that cloth dipes will save us and Mother Earth a ton.  If we're using cloth dipes, why not cloth wipes?

I was skeptical at first, but the more research I did, the more it felt like the thing for us to do.  The solution is simple and there are many out there for each individual person or family.  We're looking at using a solution of water, oil (olive most likely as we have it on hand and it's recommended), baby soap (Dr. Bronner's baby), and a few drops each of tea tree and lavendar oils. 

The cost for cloth wipes is very minimal.  The four sets of fabric from the left-to-right in the pic were blankets we received from a freebie bag.  The blue fabric we bought, anticipating a need for extra wipes.  (We went to JoAnn's and Scott told me to pick it out by feel- for the softest fabric.  This resulted in peace monkeys and sharks.)  The fabric will be cut into 6-inch (or so) squares and be double sided.

We plan on tossing the cloth wipes in with the cloth dipes when we do laundry.  As with all things in life, we shall see what happens.  In the mean time, we look forward to (hopefully) helping our Susanna Hope, Mother Earth, and our savings with this. 

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