Friday, September 21, 2012


Holy Heavens!

The third trimester is underway, and Susanna is a champ!  So, in celebration of this journey, here are 10 things for which I am grateful...pregnancy related.

  1. Being able to be pregnant!  (This isn't an option or reality for everyone who desires it, so I know how blessed I am/we are.)
  2. Susanna's health!  (She continues to grow and be a super healthy kid.)
  3. My health! (I sometimes forget I'm pregnant...)
  4. Scott's love and support! (The man is amazing... and I'll tear up more if I continue...)
  5. Susanna's timing! (This little girl has immaculate timing for our lives!  Not too big on the move which meant good times on the road, not too big during the hottest days of summer, and yet just in time for Winter Break so her Dad can enjoy her fully once finals are done...provided she decides to exit on/about her due date.)
  6. All of the amazing medical people with whom we have worked and met!  (Shout out to Lynn at Prince William OBGYN...we miss you and your wisdom!)
  7. Coming to peace with my body! (It's so amazing to witness this process....)
  8. My body's ability and/or willingness to do what it has always done- with a few exceptions!  (See no. 3)
  9. Being resourceful in ways we always dreamt!  (E.g. finding or 2 years of clothes for FREE on Craigs List, making friends with the DI here, etc.)
  10. Slowing down and enjoying each moment! (There are no trail runs due to balance and rocks.  There are no swims due to my body's lack of chlorine tolerance.  Instead, there are walks and observing the world around me/us in a most beautiful way.)

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