Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A New Look or Two

After years of wanting a "good camera," I found one at a very good cost to support my creative endeavors and the professional work of my good husband.  Before our Susanna appointment yesterday, we wandered to the Botanical Gardens where we walked and shot, ate and talked, sipped and paused, and all around enjoyed life.

The trees are in full color change here in Utah and yet the flowers at the Gardens are still brilliant.  The Ogden River was quite busy, and filled with much life.

Yes, we are grateful to live so close to this special spot and be surrounded by amazing beauty!


  1. Beautiful photos! Can you share which camera you purchased and where you got it, I've been looking to upgrade my camera for a while and you mentioned you found it at a great price? Thanks!

  2. We purchased the Nikon D3100 from Costco when it was on sale. It came with the the standard lens and then the 55/200 which I believe was used for many of these shots.

    I believe the cost was the same as what it costs at Best Buy for both lenses, but it also came with a very nice case and helpful books, etc.

    Hope this helps.