Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Weekend of Racing

Saturday and the Weber 5K

Scott raced this and I stayed at home to do yoga, lift, and other creative endeavors.  He called a bit after he finished, told me his time, and shared some of the highlights.  While his goal was to run 24:xx, he finished in 25:10, and was very happy with the time.  His comments about the race course, post race food, and other race elements were glowingly positive.

A bit after the call he returned home, we relaxed, researched, and ran errands before napping.  We then headed out to dinner with a Missionary friend of his with whom he has the Shakespeare class.  Dinner was perfect as a double date (as his friend's wife joined us, too).  

Sunday and the XTERRA US Trail Championship (Volunteering)

This was a first adventure for Scott as a volunteer, and it felt so wonderful to share this part of my life with him!  

We were up by 0540 to be on the road by 0615 with volunteering duties starting at 0700.  I was concerned about driving to Snowbasin in the canyon with it being dark and possibly not 100% at my best.  All was well, and we made it safely there, snagged a great parking space, enjoyed the Olympic Lodge a bit, and more before we checked in.

Our shift was 0700-0900 at Athlete Registration, and we worked with some very, very respectful XTERRA staff members.  We mainly worked with two XTERRA staffers, plus an occasional other two. All were a delight and treated us with the utmost in kindness and appreciation.

We were blessed with the brilliance of changing fall leaves, and wondered why we didn't bring the camera (and wished the new one was here...).  When things got a bit crazy, we'd take a moment, breathe, and enjoy the surroundings and new experiences.

Overall it was a perfect weekend of racing with very positive and warm people.  We look forward to returning to these races next year, time and life permitting.  

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