Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cox Honeyland of Utah

Before Scott's classes started we trekked up to Logan to visit Cox Honeyland of Utah.  Um, what is there to say?  Let's see if I can simplify it into six points for the hexagon-shaped honey comb.

  1. The drive was absolutely, mind-blowingly beautiful and peaceful!
  2. The prices at the store are very, very reasonable!
  3. The products taste sooooo yummy!
  4. We learned about it after a visit to The Hive Winery.
  5. The pre-packaged orange-carrot muffin mix is divine, and I'd drive back for another!
  6. There were many, many cyclists out on 89 between Brigham City and Logan resulting in our scouting for future Scott trips.
Ha!  Pretty remarkable to sum it up!  Truly, it's a phenomenal place with a self-sampling station.  I hope we can re-visit when we head to Bear Lake one day...maybe with a kid or two in tow!

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