Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Cedar City Run...and a Detour

Scott and I trekked down to Cedar City for the Utah Shakespeare Festival at Southern Utah University (a class requirement) on Friday.  He saw Hamlet while I ate a small dinner of frozen yogurt and relaxed in the hotel before picking him up.  (I fall asleep in dark places and didn't want to spend the money to sleep in another spot.)

The drive down was pretty much marked with rain, fog, and mountain views (when the clouds let up).  On Saturday, however, things were different.  We awoke to heavy fog, and Scott decided to hold off on his run.  He had found a route close to the hotel that was just the right distance, so we drove it to scout it.

This was the first time I really insisted on going out for his run.  It just felt "right" and he accepted.  We drove the route and at the end found a dirt road.  I encouraged him to drive it a bit, just out of curiosity.  He did.  It lead to some amazing views (even in the fog) and changed his running plan.

I shot pictures while he explored a bit, and then we returned to the hotel for all of the minimally needed items (like a hat and gloves) before returning for more running and photographing.

Cedar City before the run

"Take a picture of me running," Scott.
(aka new camera practice time)

Scott's turn with the camera.

A gorgeous and calm morning

Looking east

My play time while Scott ran

Cedar City

Cedar City from the other side of the road

After the fog lifted

Looking east on the trail

Somewhere on 89 north of 20.
This was taken from the car going about 60 mph with Scott at the wheel.
The detour in the last photo was the result of I-15 being at a stand still just north of Beaver.  We opted to make a 4-hour drive with an unknown-length-of-waiting on I-15 a side trip to new areas of beauty.  

Once we found our bearings at a McDonald's in Beaver, we continued south to 20 before taking 89 north.  We then took 70 west before reconnecting with 15 and making the drive back home.

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  1. I'm so glad you're posting here! Thanks for sharing the beauty of Southern Utah. I had forgotten how much I miss it. That trail hold memories for me...saved my life, in fact! YOU are radiant!