Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Splendor in Utah

Yesterday we went up to the Green Pond trail head with the intent of shooting the wow-some fall foliage, but the colors and light weren't "just right" there so we trekked a bit further to Snowbasin.  There was an amazing difference just a bit beyond this very popular hiking and mountain biking spot trail head.

We wandered around Snowbasin a bit, talked to some of the workers, learned that the free summer music series had been extended, and more!  We shot a bit, oohed and ahhed a lot, were grateful to be this close to the trails and area, and then headed back down to Green Pond.

What we found was a packed parking lot with very little space of safe parking, so we nixed our hike and drove onward.  We stopped at the East Fork overlook to shoot some more, and briefly considered hiking.  The trails in this area, however, are unbroken greatly, and a bit steep.  Neither of us had a desire to go beyond our comfort zone, so we called it a morning before taking pictures of an Asian couple in front of the lovely leaves who were enjoying the same spot.

at Snowbasin

more Snowbasin

with our backs to the Olympic Lodge at Snowbasin

part of the Olympic Lodge at Snowbasin

East Fork overlook

more from the East Fork overlook

East Fork overlook views continue

mountain biking trail (believed to originate near Green Pond) as seen from the East Fork overlook

 One day we hope to return (maybe even with sweet Susanna in tow) to hike, but as Scott reminded me, "I wouldn't be hiking even in blaze orange during hunting season."  Chains are required on the tires as of 1 November, so we shall see what is best for us and our family.

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