Saturday, October 6, 2012

City Creek Bike Sprint Report

Here is a list of random thoughts and things from the City Creek Bike Sprint that Scott did on Saturday, 6 October 2012.

  • A beautiful drive down 89!
  • Cinnamon chip scone from Einstein's with a $2 off coupon on the bag (for a future purchase)!
  • Finding "Pittsburgh" hills in Salt Lake City.  Oh the comfort, the joy, the familiarity!
  • A super parking space across from the capitol!
  • Very cool riders a few cars down from us!
  • Kissing my husband good bye and good luck! 
  • Reminding him, "it's not the Dirty Dozen.  It's just one hill.  Enjoy!"  
  • His responding, "I know" with a smile!
  • An unexpected early return (at 1002- the race started at 1000) from Scott.
  • Learning the tube blew on a warm up and  the nice riders near us helped him!
  • Listening to him tell me that the Race Director told him next year's entry is paid for, as he couldn't race this year!  (The RD felt really badly about the happenings when Scott turned in his bib.)
  • A quiet drive back home!
  • A special Starbucks treat! (the first of this pregnancy ... mm :-)
Everything else after the race really isn't related, but the drive to/from Logan was terrific!

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