Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nights of Literature

Note, when I wrote this a couple of days ago, I had no idea that I'd post it today, nor that last night would be the epitome of this post.  Scott and I discussed the influence of Shakespeare, Lord Byron, and Shelley on Pushkin during the wee hours of 1-5 am, when I wasn't crashing.  He has his own sleep schedule, and it was amazing to be a part of the dialogue!  

Each couple has its own preferred ways of spending the nights (and days) of their lives together.  For us, it's often surrounded by and based on literature.

Scott had to read The Sun Also Rises for a bibliography class and chose to get a head start on it.  That lead to about a week's worth of nightly (and afternoon and morning...whenever best) discussions about Spain, the Spanish language, various aspects of the relationship between France and Spain, and more.  It was delightful!

A love of both of ours is the British Romantic poets and their works.  Scott has a book from the local library about Lord Byron and Shelley.  It has sparked more interesting discussions and tid bits of trivia than I could have imagined! 

Yes, for some this might be odd, but for us, it's life.  We both love that we can learn from each other and not have to pay for some class to teach us what we are learning.  I love that he is doing his Master's in a field that I had considered, but have no desire to formally study right now.  He, in turn, loves that I willingly contribute to our discussions and share other ideas that support his literary and future career growth.

Ah, so that's how you'll often find us...hanging out on the couch or in bed discussing some various points of literature, googling words we don't know, and randomly sharing tid bits of wow-ness that we find intriguing.

A great and blessed life we live!

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