Monday, November 19, 2012

DI Love

Before we moved out here, I heard about the DI from Scott.  That would be Deseret Industries.  Scott assured me that it was better than anything around.  He told me the prices were amazing, everything was well taken care of, and you could find anything there.  I might have been a bit skeptical at first.  Just a bit.

Well, I've since taken to the DI like a dolphin to the oceans.  I love that place!  We have a nice stash of "older" clothes for SHE that have not cost us too much and are near new or gently worn.  We have found random needed things, and things I cannot discuss here as they are wrapped and waiting being opened!  Just last week I found a pair of shorts for when SHE arrives should I not feel like hanging out in nightgown at the hospital.

Yesterday Scott told me he wanted to get a glider or rocker for holding SHE, as he's not as comfortable sitting on the floor as I am and the stool doesn't provide tons of support.  I researched and we discussed options.  We looked on KSL, Target, Wal Mart, JCPenney's, Sears, K-Mart, and more.  We found this possible option, and planned on heading to RC Willey today to check it out.

At the same time, we both knew we wanted to go to the DI and look there.  Scott asked when the DI opened.  I told him 10.  We were there at 1020 this morning.

Scott made a bee-line for the rockers and gliders.  He liked one.  I liked another.  We agreed to walk to the outdoor area, as they have other chairs and tons upon tons of stuff there.  I went one way and he went another.  He sat in one and ruled it out.  He sat in another.  I knew from his body language he was sunk.  I asked him what he thought, and he told me to try it out myself.

I was sunk-ish.  He told me the price and we discussed.

For the cost of the glider and foot stool we'd only get the glider inside the store or the rocking chair.  Yes, 2 pieces instead of 1.

The total cost for both?


The glider is sort of like this one, but it's older. The pattern is different.  The foot stool is the same pattern as the glider, but a different color.  There's some wear on the glider wood, but it's sturdy.

For us, they're perfect!  We'd rather have experiences over "stuff" and new stuff seems silly (at times) to me. There's plenty of stuff out there with life in it, and these pieces have a lot of life!

They're now drying as they have been cleaned with white vinegar and water.  They're here before SHE arrives, and they fit in our car!

To whoever donated it or them to the DI, thanks!  To my husband for being persistent, thanks!  To the really kind lady who explained the DI check out and pick up of furniture procedure to us, thanks!

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