Saturday, November 17, 2012

Turkey Trot Report and More

Let's keep things simple.

Today's Turkey Trot

  • Scott was very happy with his time and corrected me by telling me that it wasn't a hilly course.  (Atta man!  He knows hills from his Feb. training session with Anne-Marie!)
  • The race was put on by the Golden Spike Track Club, and we continue to be impressed by the organization of it!
  • The race ($5 for a 4 mile race) had a huge increase of runners this year.  We're hoping to add one more to that total next year- in a jogging stroller- weather (and life) to be determined.
  • The drive to/from Brigham City is always a delight and we're so grateful for the beauty of the area!
Life Beyond the Turkey Trot

  • As of this writing, SHE isn't heading anywhere any time soon.
  • We enjoyed a delicious dinner that was balanced for both of us, and prepped by the good man Scott.
  • We're hoping to get out and do stair repeats tomorrow, but the weather determines that (rain or no rain?).
  • Life is mellow and wonderful.
  • WE is still fiercely protective of her privacy, and appreciates that understanding (despite the irony of writing here).
  • Tomorrow's agenda might also include making hidden cherry cookies-sandwiched between a chocolate base and chocolate topping.  Life will tell....
  • Tomorrow will also definitely include lots of live tracking of a friend's Ironman Arizona adventures... Go A-M!  (Yes, we decided it was wiser to not drive to Tempe and back before the next SHE apt. on Monday night.)
Wishing you all the best in this nearly Thanksgiving time!

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  1. Hi Wendy! Thanks for the comment and trot tips on my blog ;-)