Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Turkey Trots...Turkeys Trot?

This weekend we're supposed to enjoy some mild weather.  Just north of us exists a terrific running club (the Golden Spike that puts on races like the Mantua Dam 5 miler and the Peach Days 10k).  As a result, Scott and I are thinking of heading up there for the Turkey Trot on Saturday.

The set up is fabulous.  The race is $5 and it's a 4 mile run.  This works well for his pre-St. George half marathon training should he add a few more miles to it.  Plus it allows him variety, and it's reasonably close should little lady decide to head out and join the run.

If she chooses to hang out longer there are several options for Turkeys Trotting through Utah next Thursday, and we're considering one in the Logan area that is called the "Hurricane Hustle" and benefits Hurricane Sandy support.

Life will tell.  Until then, we're enjoying each moment!

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