Monday, November 5, 2012

One Year Celebration

Oh, how sweet life is!

How adventurous life can be!

How wonderful life is with faith, joy, hope, and love!

How cheesy sounding this might appear, but how true.

Yesterday Scott and I celebrated one year of together-ness.  Yes, in one crazy year, we have lived a lot and it's only the beginning!  Some how in one year we've: made major career and education decisions, moved across the country, visited our "home towns" (relative for Navy brats), met various family members, run on amazing trails, biked on crazy hills (well, Scott has), fallen in love with other areas, donated more stuff than we can imagine and down-sized a ton, been terrifically resourceful, and more.

Oh yeah, we've focused on creativity and creation a lot.  The product of a very special one will be emerging in the 3-4 week range, God Willing!

In honor of one amazing year, we celebrated as was best for us.  We ran stairs at Weber, enjoyed time together at Einstein Bagels outside, found amazing things on sale that were needed, had a simple dinner and homemade dessert, and reflected on all that has been and will be.

We also drove for a short bit in the canyon and Scott found a free parking lot that is an ideal starting spot for open water swims and fishing!

Some images from that spot are below.  All are at Pineview Reservoir except for the last.

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