Monday, August 6, 2012

Ceiling Dreaming

With the heat wave that is permeating the country and showing no sign of ceasing, I had an idea...what if we asked our great landlord if he'd let us install this beauty in our living room?
We've already spent the cost of this on two oscilating fans from Target, and it would allow us to cool off our living room/dining room/kitchen area without loosing any "coolness" of the current fans in other rooms.

Scott is optimistic about our landlord's response, and we're just waiting for him to come by today (he's here nearly every day working on something and making sure all is well).

Dreams deserve thanks, so thank you Mom and Dad for the yeah-it's-still-in-there memory of your installing ceiling fans in every room in the Highfield house.  Thank you, too, to Home Depot for a better priced fan with the Energy Star seal.

We'll keep you updated if dreams become reality!

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