Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Sounds of Ogden (F-16s vs. Emergency Vehicles)

Hill Air Force Base is about 10 miles south of here.  F-16s take off and land routinely from Hill.  Our house is in the flight pattern.  The constant swooshing and other hard-to-describe sounds of F-16s and other planes fill our ears.  Sometimes they cause us to scan our eyes for the planes.


I am so thrilled to be on the AFB flight path as opposed to the Route 1 emergency vehicle path that we were when we lived in Virginia.  I totally respect what emergency peeps do, their vehicles, etc., but we were confined.  As in, we had one entry and one exit point to and from our place.  It was a bit confining to say the least. 

Here we have lots of ins and outs of our place (well, at least two direct ones- left and right or north and south), which I suppose helps to make the sounds and overall experience of life here more freeing.

I also suspect it's less worrisome hearing F-16s as opposed to emergency vehicles.  Yet, to all who do what they do....thank you!

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