Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our Home

We love our home!  This place was "made" for us so to speak.  It is still being finished by our (often-mentioned) amazing landlord, yet it works for us.

When we arrived, two hours early, everything was not yet completed.  As a result, we have been able to customize our place a bit, which has been very helpful. 

We'll discuss the perks of this place at the end of the beautiful photo series you're about to see.

The front of the house.  This is really unit 1.
This view faces east.
The side of the house.  Our place is entered via the steps on the left. 
The steps in the center lead to the separate basement areas. 
The steps on the right is unit 1. 
This view faces south.
This is unit 3 which is entirely separate from units 1 and 2.
Our landlord anticipates having this unit move-in ready within 6-12 months. 
Our back yard.  This is nearly 1/4 acre and already has fruit trees planted (apple, pear, peach, etc.)
It also has raspberry bushes, strawberries, lots of wild sage, and what I believe is a weeping willow.
This view faces west.
Our off-street parking.  Each unit has 2 spaces and there will eventually be pained lines.
What we love about where we live extends beyond the following points:
  • our neighbors are really sweet people.
  • there are no noisy children above us, and no noisy neighbors next to us.
  • we can walk to nearly anywhere we like.
  • there are safe sidewalks on every street.
  • we are close to the university, close to parks, close to the Ogden Farmers Market, etc.
  • we live in a neighborhood, not an apartment city.
  • our landlord is a kind, talented, and caring man.
  • it's just the right size.
  • the kitchen is beautifully set up, and our landlord maximized every space possible.
  • the bathroom is easy to clean.
  • we have permission to plant a garden in the yard if we like.
  • we look out at the mountains when we sit on our steps (just turn your head a smidge to the left).
  • there are no emergency vehicles sounding 5-15 times a day or night (leading towards Potomac Hospital or an accident scene).
  • the main branch of the Weber County Library system is a few blocks away.
  • we're close to I-15 and 89.
  • we feel safe here.
  • there are a ton of bike routes within a block.
  • it's close to Pineview Reservoir.

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  1. When I saw the same pictures you emailed, I was surprised at how flat the backyard and neighborhood looks... I was expecting Pittsburgh-style hills after seeing the mountain hiking shots you'd taken :) the mini-orchard in-progress in the backyard sounds wonderful!