Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Settling In

After many weeks of travel, it feels as if we are settling in to this area.  The first few days here were a blur of unpacking, crushing boxes, joint discussions about what needed to be done, where things needed to be, and figuring out how to put together IKEA furniture without directions.  Oh, plus sleeping on the floor until our new bed arrived. 

The next week or so we weren't here, yet when we returned we were impressed with how much we accomplished in about 4 days of work.

The following few weeks were another blur of drives to/from the Salt Lake area so Daniel could visit his cousin, his cousin could visit Daniel, we could take Daniel to the Salt Lake airport, we could pick up a bed for the kid in Eagle Mountain, and more.

It seemed as if we were living at places like Target, Wal-Mart, Smith's, etc. purchasing small things that we needed, restocking our place, or researching things we might need vs. want.

That has all come to an end.  (It appears, thankfully!)

We have a simple routine now, which changes daily based on our reality.  We know the roads.  We know the short cuts, we have preferred options, and not everything is new as in "wow! let's stop and look at it!" new. 

We're still exploring, but we're relaxing, too.  We're starting to make plans for the future.  You know, the future beyond the unpacking, beyond moving boxes to the basement, beyond the when-that-IKEA-bed-gets-done future. 

It's absolutely enjoyable.  It's wonderful to wake up, enjoy the hardwood floors in the kitchen and living room, and lazily punch in the code to the basement to do laundry.  It's delightful to wander the streets of Ogden wondering where life will bring us and to stop for a cup of coffee (for Scott) at some new or revisited place. 

In other words...

We've come a long ways from this...

Dinner 2 days after we moved in: Olive Garden leftovers.
Yet, we still drink Gatorade often and Scott still loves his Philly Marathon shirt!

We still occasionally enjoy one of these (with Scott eating the majority and me just eating a tasting...)...

Great Harvest cinnamon rolls for Daniel's last summer morning breakfast.
We thoroughly look forward to spending more time in the mountains...

Hike number 1- looking at Ben Lomond
I'll admit to missing a place called Pittsburgh, and am reminded of it by buildings like this...

Eccles Community Art Center
Doesn't it look like the Frick Art Museum??!!

We are just as happy, if not happier than this...

Middle Inlet Beach, Pineview Reservoir...
taken while the cousins skipped rocks!
So here's to more adventures and more "settling in."

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  1. Wow - the Eccles Community Art Center is quite Pittsburgh-esque! The cinnamon rolls look delicious!