Saturday, August 11, 2012

Echoes of Friends

Living in a new place, it would be easy to feel as if everything were different, fresh, isolated, etc.  Yet, Ogden and the Wasatch share so much with people in my life.

Here's a glimpse of what feels to me as pieces of home and heart. 

For better or worse, Anne-Marie is more than an Ironman finisher, an amazing cyclist, or the female winner at the 2011 Dirty Dozen to me.  Perhaps it's because she's noted that she feels free on the trails and her joy of mountain biking caught her off guard.

Whatever it may be, whenever I see a mountain bike race poster around here, or tracks on the trails, I think of this very talented and humble woman who will be participating in the 2014 Race Across America.  If anyone out there can think of a way to help her, including just prayers, please do so.  She's not asked me to write about this, but I did.  Feel free to read more here.   


When Scott and I took Daniel and his cousin to the Clark Planetarium, all I could think of was "Susan!" and how she'd be finding ways to bring her science students to it, so they could learn and integrate the concepts.  I knew she'd be thrilled at the no entry fee cost, too, as she works make everything readily accesible to all of her students.

She's a phenomenal teacher whose passion for science oozes, and clearly caught my brain at every turn and exhibit when we hung with the boys.

My Grandmother and Aunt Ellen

My grandmother's garden has always been a place of peace and beauty for me.  Ever after a move within town to a new home, her garden (often supported by my Aunt Ellen) is pure wow!  It's not as big, yet it's just as wondrous. 

The first time I went to the Ogden Botanical Gardens, I thought, "I wish Grandma and Aunt Ellen were here to enjoy this."  There's such a simplicity and a true caring to the layout and the structure.  There's love there, which is what I always felt in my Grandma's garden.  Miss you Grandma!

There are other echoes of friends, too.  Perhaps I'll revisit this in the future, after learning more about this area and myself.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. this is so sweet!! thank you so much :)

    believe it or not... I'm about to head out of work to hit the mountain bike trails right now!