Saturday, August 4, 2012

Frugal Finds

We started off the morning with a plan to visit the Ogden Valley Farmers Market, and spotted the BMC team heading up 25th Street in prepration for the Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah.  We made a mental note to possibly check out Stage 1 which will be held in Ogden next week and continued on our way.  However shortly after we turned up Canyon Road (12th Street), our speed dropped from 40 mph to 10 mph.  We saw flashing lights from a support vehicle with BMC riders in front.  Knowing that it would be a long and chancey ride following them on windy roads with blind curves, we opted to turn around and head to Smith's for a few sale items.

Leaving Smith's we discussed our options for the morning: working at the library, garage sale hunting, organizing the home, etc.  Scott was set on garage sale hunting north of Harrison, and off we went.

We scouted sales along Tyler and passed up a few sales that didn't look promising for what we needed.  We agreed that we possibly needed a bar stool or two, a desk chair for Scott, chair pads for enjoying our meals outside, and kid toys. 

Here's what we found and what we paid.  We met some wonderful people along the way, including someone for Scott to do an open water swim with tomorrow! 
$5 for 2
They are perfect for outdoor meals on concrete steps!

This was much cheaper than all of the other "new" options we've seen!
It was originally $2, but I only had 1 $1 bill and the man said, "I'll take $1 for it."

40 cents for both
The woman told me to give her a dime, but I felt it was too little. 
We anticipate lots of learning and laughter with these!

So for $11.40 we met all of our wish list items.  It was far more enjoyable than being patient drivers following a team of pro cyclists on narrow roads!

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