Friday, August 10, 2012

Crazy Craving? Maybe Not!

I don't really want to talk about every detail of our daughter's journey to Earth (aka pregnancy), but in thinking of what to share for today about life here, at the base of the amazing mountains, this little bit popped into my mind. 

Call it a compromise for those of you who might be curious (a bit) about this sweet soul who is currently sharing a body with this blessed woman who is writing now.

In the beginning of her time within, it was all about fruits, vegs, and calcium.  The more fruits and vegs I could eat, the happier I felt, the happier I sensed SHE was.  Calcium was a huge key, too, and eating pudding was a regular delight.  Ice cream doesn't work for me, but yogurt does, so yogurt was (and continues to be) a great source of joy for this she-one.

Lately though, gummies have been calling out to me.  "Eat me!  Eat me!  Eat me, please! I'll make the kid happy which makes you happy!," in some tone that only I can hear.

So what's a Wendy to do?  Deny her sweet daughter within the gummies she wants?  Go out and buy fruit snacks that she ate in the past, but never really hit the spot (too many preservatives, too small, too something or somethings not right)? 

Nope, I turned to the gummies we have on hand... Clif Shot Bloks!  Scott loves them, and we have a good stash from when they were on sale at REI for his training.  They are all natural and the citrus ones taste great for this girl (or these girls)! 

Perhaps the craving isn't so surprising, as it's hotter than I-don't-know what here.  I'm sweating non stop as I'm "incubating a little person" (Scott's words), and this may just be my body's way of replacing what it needs to help our wee one continue to be as healthy as she is.

My many thanks to the Clif Bar company for making this amazing product!

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  1. That's funny about the gummy craving, but I bet the Shot Bloks are a great option! All natural, plus they're keeping your electrolyte levels up :)