Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Knowing Oneself

Scott is running a 5k on Saturday, a fundraiser for Hospice for Utah.  The race organizers offer a special entry fee for students ($10) which fits nicely into our budget.  The run starts at 7 pm in tribute to "those who have lit the way."

I asked Scott if they needed volunteers, and he said he didn't know. 

I prayed if I should volunteer with the organization, as I had completed hospice training last year in Virginia, but something told me "no."

It's a challenging time to not volunteer for something that personal, as I deeply loved my experiences at Life with Cancer, part of the INOVA organization.  Yet, I must trust the prayers and responses. 

Scott and I drove to the race start/finish at Jensen Nature Park on Sunday evening, and it was a simple, gorgeous drive.  There's a running trail through the park, and I can only imagine how gorgeous it will be at dusk with all of the runners.

More to come on this.

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