Monday, August 20, 2012

Strides for Healing 5k (Hospice for Utah)

Saturday Scott ran the Strides for Healing 5k which was a fundraiser for Hospice for Utah.  I offered to volunteer when we picked up the packet on Friday at the conviently-located-to-us Ogden office, but was told that all of the staff members would be working.  As a result, they did not need any other volunteers.

There are no words for how well organized and thoughtful the entire race was, but I'll try to highlight it without pictures.  (Sorry...the camera was left at home, so the photos will remain within.)

  • Amazing location.  Jensen Nature Park is absolutely beautiful, easy to get to, has great facilities, and offers simple pleasures (like a creek with an otter, many covered pavilions, clean bathrooms, and more).
  • Tons of meaningful kids activities.  There was a moon bounce, face painting, cotton candy, snow cones, a ring toss with 2 liter bottles of soda, a bean bag toss (usually occupied by the adults), and a football toss.  All of this was free.
  • Phenomenal staff/volunteers.  The entire hospice team was working plus sponsors (who, according to the announcement at the start, were business partners in large part).  Everyone was friendly, offering help and water to everyone.
  • Snow cone machine.  Seriously brilliant when it's 92 degrees at 6 pm.  I hadn't had one in a good 15 plus years, and certainly enjoyed my half cherry cone.  Scott enjoyed his post race.
  • White technical race shirts.  Again, pure brilliance if you ask me.  White shirts for this area is smart!  They were really cute, too, with the race info. on the front and sponsors on the back.  They're something you look forward to showcasing.
  • Official timing at the end.  Simple, sweet, and no chips.
  • Water stations at the 1 and 2 mile marks.  Scott was very pleased with this.
  • Engine/caboose staff members for the kids race.  There was a kids 1k race.  The race started with a staff member leading the way, followed by the kids, and then a staff member brought up the rear.  We didn't see how the race ended, but really appreciated this thoughtfulness.
  • Great sponsors.  Um...we've been stalling on purchasing a new Road ID for Scott and Road ID was a sponsor.  They're offering free shipping on any product.  Any bit of savings helps! 
  • Student discount.  The race was $10 for students, and that included graduate students, too! 
  • More, more, and more.
The only "con" or concern Scott had was the placement and nature of the luminaries, which were glass.  He kicked one and one was kicked by someone else, leading for there to be glass on the trail.  He felt confident this would be noticed and adjusted for next year.

Oh, and this was the first year for the race.  Scott and I look forward to returning next year. 

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