Monday, August 27, 2012

Scott's Races (aka Thrifty Utah Racing)

As many of you know, Scott loves to race and we are on a healthy budget.  However, many races tend to be quite expensive for the distance, and not even Ironman expensive.  $35 for a 5k is steep for us, or maybe just my perspective.  I totally understand the desire to compete, but at $11/mile, I'd rather just test myself on different routes. 

Fortunately, this area is filled with timely races that are very affordable.  We're talking "very affordable" to the tune of 3 races for $45, plus a few others (some that have entry fees and some that don't).

Here's a look at Scott's past and upcoming races...aka Thrifty Utah Racing. 

Peach Days 10K - September 8th and $20 (Yes, he could have opted out of the shirt and saved $5, but that's less laundry on a regular basis for us...and it's a true Utah deal...aka souvenir?)

Run for the Fund of It 5K - September 22nd and $15 (The race is at Weber State and supports the funding of scholarships.  It also includes a shirt and breakfast.)

City Creek Bike Sprint - October 6th and $25 (This is a race that he really, really wants to do.  It supports amazing people, and will be a good bike test/experience for him.  "I'd rather ride that than the Dirty Dozen," he has said in the past, so this is a good hill experience.)

Weber State Turkey Tri - November 10th and free? (He's looking forward to this, and while we are not 100% positive about the free cost, it appears so.)

Turkey Trot - November 17th and $5 (This is a race put on by the Golden Spike Running Club in Brigham City.  They have a great series of races that are very reasonably priced!)

So if you add up all of these, plus the Strides of Healing 5K ($10 student discount), it adds up to... $75 for 6 races.  There might be another race added at the end of October (Spooktacular- end of October and a 5K) which might bring the total to about $90 and 7 races. 

Yes, I'd say this works out well for all of us!  Scott maintains the balance of school-home-training and our budget is supported by the super people holding fabulous races at reasonable costs (with some kind unexpecteds- like the student discount at the Hopice for Utah 5K)!

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